And Oh OH the Snow. The Snow that No.1 did not know about! Sent back to bed by his crew. READ THE STANDING ORDERS Please!

When there is Precipitation at rising time, go back to bed for an hour!!

When was that? On Monday Morning!

Always a good place for a sail, Barton Broad (Where Lord Nelson learnt to sail) before we sailed back down the River Ant to Ludham Bridge and  our night mooring.

With winds a blowing, reefing was in order for our sail to Upton. Oh the northerly winds are SO COLD!!

A little sunshine for the games ashore before Albion (one of the last Wherries on the broads) came to visit before we set sail for an afternoon of dinghying before relocating to our our night mooring not too far from Potter Heigham.

Welcome showers for most at Hunters Yard, before a mast lowering pratice for the lowest bridge on the Broads at Potter. After lunch, time for a sail before a trip to see the sea and Henry the seal. Touch Rugby and Ultimate Frisby sapped the energy of nearly all; as well as the 5 mile walk. Who cares if we are a bit late back?

For Friday morning Commy declares an extra hour in bed, whatever the weather. Thence it was back under the bridge. Getting good at this now! Where are we going? Oh yea back to South Walsham for 1530 dinghy Regatta, but OH as we arrive there's thunder and wind and rain and hail so let's put the awning up and play the wet game. No one knows (other than it's originator) what is in store. It was very much enjoyed by all especially those who dressed up as pirates to win points for their boats.  Time for tea and final squash.  Much fun, much singing of bosun songs much thanking God for a fansatic week of fun and laughter and every kind of weather. A little warmer by now I think.

The Voyage of Life -
A World Cruise
<>..... Are we so blind we cannot see?
Like the Athenians in Acts 17. All is prepared for the voyage of a Lifetime. Being a Christian is having a relationship with God. The Creator. Look around you. It's so clearly to be seen. (Romans 1:20)

Man Overboard
...... Given the ability to choose, mankind chose to disobey God. To cut themselves off from God! To Jump ship. What a disaster! There is no-one that, on their own, qualifies for the great adventure with God. Only perfection will do, and we all fall short of that!  How will God save us?

Air-Sea Rescue

........ By sending Jesus down to earth to become man, and become the perfect once for all sacrifice for our sin! He died so that we might live. The penalty of our sin paid.

Take the Pilot on Board
....... Let Christ control your life. For your relationship with God to begin you just have to believe (John 1:12). He comes aboard as pilot of your life, Commit yourself to His control to know the power of His resurrection (Eph 1:18-20)

The Great Trip- Know the power of Success
Pay attention to God's word, talk to Him always and appropriate the power of His indwelling spirit. Acknowledge His "Stamp of Ownership" on you (Eph 4:30)

Rough Seas

.......hard times are inevitable! Be ready to steer through them. Know what you believe. Trust God to bring you Victory. See Commy's Epistle here.

Safely Home - Victory Secrets
.......know you are on the Victory side, Trust God, Be Fully commited, dedicated, find a group to help you.

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